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And foregoing all of that above, you answer the monthly question (which I oftentimes do these days). 

February 6 question - Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have?

I draw and I play tabletop roleplaying games, which kinda seems to crossover with both drawing and writing? Inevitably, tabletop roleplaying games benefit greatly from the more props you can bring to the table, and drawings and maps and things like that seem to be greatly appreciated by "most" people.

As far as drawing (and by extension just art in general) goes, the biggest challenge to this is space and light. I need lots of light to be able to perceive the colors in which I want to work. Additionally, a lot of the time, it takes so much effort to get everything arranged from having been put away, that there's this desire to just leave it all out. But if you don't clean it up, then it's all just cluttering up my living space.

So foregoing any kind of studio which I set up in my home that has access to lots of natural light (this would mean a pretty major remodel), writing ends up being the outlet I choose the most. All I need for that is a computer with a word-processing program on it.

I'm betting that this is gonna be a pretty common pursuit, so I'll have to read some of the other IWSG posts out there and see how many other writers also draw. I'm betting that the percentage is quite high. And yeah...Alex, I already know you play music :)

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