I'm legitimately impressed with Tom Holland. He kinda dropped into my radar when he was cast for Spiderman: Homecoming and yeah, I thought he got the part because he's quite attractive. But then I started watching some of his other movies to see what all else he's been in, and I've been kind of blown away by the guy's sheer amount of talent.

In the movie Pilgrimage he plays a monk and speaks in what I think is Gaelic for the majority of the movie, and it just rolls off the tongue, looking very genuine the whole time. The whole thing is subtitled too. And I also found out that he was in this BBC production called Wolf Hall that was all about the inside court of Henry VIII. It has a lot of great reviews, and he plays George Cromwell, the son of Thomas Cromwell. His acting is superb, although it probably wasn't much of a stretch considering he has a thick English accent. What is a stretch is that he can bury it so convincingly and speak like an American teen.

He can also dance really well. Like...I mean professionally and on a competitive level. His dance routine on LL. Cool J's Lip Sync Battles was over the top good. And I guess that (to get the part of Spiderman), he did as many back flips as he could (without a trampoline) and nailed the part by blowing away the competition.

He's got all kinds of movies. He's been in thrillers in the middle of winter fighting for his life, he's been a kid caught in one of the most devastating tsunami's of all time, and he's been in several medieval dramas. He was also the star of Billy Elliot, which was a very successful play in England. For someone so young, I don't think I've ever seen the kind of spectrum that he's fielding in an entertainment career. Additionally, he seems to be immune to the curse of child actors who fail when they become adults.

Anyway, Tom Holland reminds me of another famous Tom who went on to do great things: Tom Hanks. I feel like we're about to see another one of that caliber that goes on to change the way in which we view movies and entertainment. Just my two cents I suppose. 

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