Infographic - Candies and Confections Around the World
By Ava Rose,
Avas Flowers, 27 July 2016.

How often do you crave candy? People from cultures all over the globe also experience this craving, but what they are pining for may be vastly different. Sweet, sour, tangy, savory, bitter, rich, wholesome - every culture has unique ways of translating these flavor sensations into edible treats. On this infographic, you'll discover a rich variety of ingredients ranging from universally beloved chocolate to musk, green tea, spicy tamarind, peppermint toffee, rose water, and so much more. Which candy would you most like to try?

Home Sweet Home: Candies and Confections Around the World - Avasflowers.net - Infographic

Top image credit: Brett_Hondow/Pixabay.

[Source: Avas Flowers. Top image added.]

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