What Kind of Scary Creatures Are Hiding Deep in the Ocean?
By Casey Chan,
Sploid, 19 July 2016.

The deep sea is home to creatures that are sort of normal but then have some sick twist that make them monstrous and so creepy you want to peel your skin off. A squid can’t be just a squid, it has to be a giant squid the size of a school bus. A shark can’t just be a shark, it has to be a goblin shark with a jaw that protrudes out of their face. A giant isopod looks like the world’s largest cockroach and zombie worms are freaking called zombie worms. Life is scary down there, man.

Life Noggin explains in the video below the things hiding deep within the ocean. It looks cute in the animation but once you start looking up each of these creatures in real life, you’re in for a treat.

[Source: Sploid.]

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