[INFOGRAPHIC] Is Your Company Just 1 Weak Password Away from a Security Breach?
By Erin Styles, Last Pass.

Today, just about everything we need to do is available as a cloud offering. With services like Office 365, Google Apps, and Dropbox, businesses are putting some of their most valuable intellectual property into the cloud. With all this convenience comes risk. With the use of a large number of 3rd party services, the enterprise landscape is far more complex. Corporate assets are now available from anywhere, with only a password protecting access to them.

A new survey conducted by Spiceworks on behalf of LastPass asked ~250 IT decision makers working in companies with 500 or more employees how they are protecting their business data. We found that their first line of defense is a strong password, but the majority - 62% - say that employees using weak passwords is their primary password management challenge. In addition, 73% of employees don’t reset their passwords after sharing it with someone else.

Check out the infographic below to see these results and more. Sign up for LastPass Enterprise today and give secure password sharing a try!


[Source: Last Pass.]

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