Supergirl is moving to the CW for season two. This is great news. I liked watching Supergirl on CBS, but I always felt that it was out of place. It needed to be on the same network as The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. And now, it's looking like there will be lots more crossovers between the series, which I think is a great stroke of fortune for the DC side of television.

The Superman mythos is pretty incredible when you actually sit down to think about it (strong enough it seems to be fertile ground for endless stories). For one, kryptonite was a great source for "monster of the week" type episodes. But the doomed planet of Krypton, and the clues that Jor-El left on Earth for Kal-El to find was a great source of entertaining story arcs in Smallville. Having those worlds kind of merge with the multiple universes of The Flash and with the Batman-esque rogue's gallery of Arrow is probably going to mean some bigger team ups. And I love team ups and shared universes, because they're lots of fun. Oh and did I mention that with Supergirl comes Martian Manhunter? I really can't wait for the inevitable Arrow, Flash, Supergirl triple crossover week. It's going to be awesome.

Now on my wishlist is a return of Wonder Woman to the small screen and a return of the Green Lantern. At that point, the CW could literally launch a Justice League of America for the small screen, which would satisfy all of my nerd buttons by punching them multiple times. I love the CW. I think it's my favorite network.

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