This post is full of spoilers for last night's episode of Game of Thrones.

I think we need to talk about last night's episode of Game of Thrones, which was called "Home." Ser Davos finally voiced what I was wanting to say if I could talk to Melisandre. "Does Jon Snow have to stay that way or can you do something about it?" This pot has been simmering for many years now. The groundwork for a resurrection was laid with Ser Thoros of Myr who brought back Beric Dondarrion on six different occasions, albeit, with a caveat that each time it was done Beric lost something. And Thoros and Melisandre have something in common now: Thoros (when he performed his first resurrection) said that he didn't even believe in the Lord of Light anymore. Well Melisandre reached that point and bam, she brought Jon Snow back. I gotta say that I think it was handled perfectly in the sense that Melisandre truly seemed to have given up hope. I think that must be some kind of prerequisite to have access to powers like resurrection.

Resurrecting Jon would have been a great episode into and of itself. However the show writers of Game of Thrones gave us other gifts as well. Over in Mereen, Tyrion of all people went and freed Dany's dragons. I was worried that we were about to lose Tyrion, and I was pleased that he was right in that the dragons are intelligent and would understand what he was saying to them.

Over in Pyke, Balon Greyjoy was deposed by Yara's uncle, Euron Greyjoy. I think that's an interesting turn of events as the Greyjoys seem to have been marginalized pretty badly in the War of Five Kings. I'm not exactly sure how the Greyjoys are going to get back into the Game of Thrones, but the books have a hint: sailing to the far east to steal one of Dany's dragons with a magical horn that can control dragons.

And in Winterfell, we have Ramsay Bolton killing his father Roose Bolton and then feeding Walda Frey and her newborn baby to a bunch of dogs. This was an interesting turn of events, however, I was really surprised that Roose Bolton allowed himself to be killed by his bastard son. He was always so careful before. But it's not like he didn't deserve it.

I think the best scene of the night though belongs to the giant who burst through the gate and then killed the guy that shot him with an arrow in spectacular "squish" fashion ultimately causing all of the Night's Watch to throw down their weapons.

So now that Jon is back, I think he's no longer a part of the Night's Watch. His oaths are fulfilled now. And I think with the vision given to Bran from the three-eyed raven (played by Max Von Sydow) that we're about to see some really important revelations about Lyanna Stark. For not being a major character in the story, Lyanna is extremely important to everything that's going on (and perhaps to finally answer the question: is Jon Snow a Targaryen?) I think he most certainly is.

I can't wait until next week's episode. Sigh.

By the way, I'm taking a blog break until next Monday. Have a good week.

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