The Price is Ripe: 25 of the Most Expensive Dishes and Drinks
By Eddy Hood,
Ignite Spot, 14 February 2016.

How much would you be willing to spend on a burger or an ice cream sundae? While many of us would faint upon receiving a US$5,000 bill, there are others who welcome such a lavish expense. This infographic serves as a expedition through a bejeweled, bewildering array of gourmet food with jaw-dropping prices. As you peruse this outrageous selection, the amount of gold used as an ingredient may catch your eye. This may seem unappetizing, but gold leaf is hammered so thin that it has no taste and creates just a subtle crunch. Even so, most would argue that the crunch of Pringles from a US$1 can tickles their fancy much more.


[Source: Ignite Spot.]

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