15 Most Bizarre Hobbies Around The World

What we choose to do in our spare time is entirely up to the individual, but for most people it’s more than common to fill that time by taking up a hobby. It could be some kind of sport, collecting rare coins, baking, or even something as simple as knitting. But for some individuals around the world, these hobbies are just a bit too mainstream.

Whether these hobbies began through sheer boredom, over-creativity or just some very ‘alternative’ interests, we don’t know. However, we can guarantee that this list contains 15 of the most bizarre hobbies you will have ever encountered. So if you’re brave enough to hear about one man’s navel fluff collection, or intrigued by the craze of ‘extreme ironing’ which seems to have swept the nation, then go ahead and have a read.

[Source: Gifts.co.uk.]

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