Tasty Tech Eyes the Frankfurt Auto Show
By Tracy Staedter,
Discovery News, 13 September 2015.

The Frankfurt Motor Show opens in Germany on September 15, and several cars caught our eye. Have a look for yourself.

1. Peugeot Fractal


Starting in 2019, electric cars in Europe will be required to emit a noise so that pedestrians will hear them coming. Peugeot used this regulation as inspiration for their concept car, the Fractal, which they describe as an "electric urban coupé" that will use sound to enhance the driving experience.

Working with sound designer and producer Amon Tobin, Peugeot developed a car that has a unique exterior as well as interior sound - opening and closing a door as well as acceleration and deceleration will all trigger different noises. In the future, drivers may be able to personalize a car's audio signature the way people now personalize ring tones.

2. Vision Gran Turismo


Last week, Bugatti unveiled renderings for their Vision car, a virtual racer for the Gran Turismo racing video game. A full size model will show up in Frankfurt, but what has everyone murmuring is whether or not these designs hint at the Italian car company's newest car, the Chiron, the successor to their Veyron, of which the last and 450th model of was finally built.

3. Borgward SUV


German car brand Borgward went bankrupt in 1961. But Christian Borgward - grandson of Carl F. W. Borgward - and Chinese industrial giant Foton have resurrected the company and will unveil their new SUV at Frankfurt.

4. Outlander PHEV


Mitsubishi will debut its European plug-in hybrid, the Outlander PHEV. A version of this car is actually taking part in the Baja Portalegre 500 in Portugal in October. The U.S. might see this stylish hybrid SUV in 2016.

5. Gripz


Nissan is being pretty tight-lipped about its new Gripz, saying only that it was "conceived to create an innovative new driving sensation.” By the looks of it, the car was inspired by the red and black Safari Rally Zs of the 1970s.

6. E-tron Quattro


Audi released sketches of their concept SUV in August and said the electric vehicle will have a range of about 311 miles, thanks in part to an energy efficient battery and three electric motors - two to power the rear axle and one for the front.

7. Q30


Infiniti's sleek new hatchback will finally make an appearance after an initial reveal as a mere sketch two years ago. Also on hand will be the QX30, a taller crossover version.

8. BMW's 330e and 225xe Concept Cars


BMW's newest "greenest" cars are the 225xe and 330e, two plug-in hybrids with the eDrive tech derived from the i3 and i8. Both cars are expected to get between 112 and 118 miles per gallon.

9. Electric Hearse


This concept vehicle isn't showing up at the Frankfurt Auto Show, but we simply couldn't resist. It's an autonomous electric hearse called the Korbiyor and it was designed by Charles Bombardier. The vehicle is essentially a platform with a transparent, refrigerated coffin. And because it rolls on Mecanum wheels, each one made of individual turning components, it can move in any direction.

Top image: The Nissan Gripz. Credit: Nissan.

[Source: Discovery News. Edited. Top image and links added.]

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