I've never liked end of summer, but this year I feel ready for it, because it's been miserably hot and smoky for most of July and August. It also means that (with Labor Day now past) my favorite chili in town is now available (they make gazpacho in the summertime), and the annoying Halloween displays are going to start popping out. I don't know why people obsess over Halloween here in Salt Lake City, but they do. And with September, there's also a new Insecure Writer's Support Group post, and that's what I'm doing today. If you arrive here by accident and want to sign up for it, go and click on the link embedded in the prior sentence.

September 5 question - What publishing path are you considering/did you take, and why?

I've done two kinds of publishing: self and small press. In the future I'd probably do the same or I'd ride the query carousel for a while. I self-publish things that I know have a niche market, and I feel I can network better in that niche market than anyone else can (because it is so small). As for small press? Eh...I'm not certain I'd ever do that again. There seems to be little difference between small press and self-publishing to be honest. I think small presses exist for people who can't follow instructions on how to format things, or who might not be technologically savvy. All a small press seems to be is someone who knows how to format a book cover to proper scale and who knows how to make sure that an ebook can be uploaded properly to kindle. I know how to do all that, so there's really no need for a small press in my opinion.

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