The Academy Awards are coming! Each year I strive to watch each movie that gets nominated for Best Picture. The nominees and my thoughts on them are as follows:

Call Me By Your Name: (WANT TO SEE) This is a movie I haven't seen, but I want to because everyone says it is a beautiful and poignant film. I tried to go when it first hit theaters here in Salt Lake City. It was showing in only one theater and people were pouring into the parking garage off the street in their cars to the point that I felt like I should just go another day (so I didn't even try). I do hate driving in traffic so there is that "phobia" to deal with in the big city of Salt Lake (a small city to true city lovers).

Darkest Hour: (WANT TO SEE) I haven't seen it, but Gary Oldman looks fantastic as Winston Churchill. So I'm interested.

Dunkirk: I loved this movie so much for its long takes and its simultaneous (well almost simultaneous) telling of three different storylines. In IMAX, this movie was incredible. Never before have I been so riveted by long takes nor taken in by a movie in which the names of main characters are essentially ignored for the sake of the story being told. This was a fascinating film.

Get Out: I'm not sure why this film got such incredible accolades, but it was entertaining. I think that its racist issues really captured what it feels like to be black (from what I've read) in America. I will never be able to understand those pervasive feelings. However, the film is pure horror once you realize what is really going on with the black bodies in the movie.

Lady Bird: (WANT TO SEE) I literally know nothing of this movie except for the fact that my friend Meg said that I must go and see it.

Phantom Thread: (WANT TO SEE) It has Daniel Day-Lewis in it. If I can watch him in the boring Lincoln, I should be able to watch him in this.

The Post: (WANT TO SEE) I like Spielberg, so it's on the "must view" list.

The Shape of Water: I saw this a few weeks ago, and I absolutely loved it. I felt that each main character represented me in some big way. Thank you, Guillermo del Toro, for sharing your visions with us. FUN FACT: I laughed out loud when my friend Jake walked out of it (he just can't handle the overt sex and was deeply offended by it). So (SPOILER ALERT) it has gratuitous unglamorous sex scenes in it.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: (WANT TO SEE) I've no idea what this is about, but I'll hunt it down just so I can have an opinion about it.

So there are nine movies nominated for Best Picture, and I have only seen three of them. I'd like to star winnowing down that list. Hopefully, I'll have time to do it all.

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