I found these pictures over at io9, and I really needed to share them because they are so beautiful. As someone who does drawing, I super duper admire artists that can just take a vision and run with it so completely (and so quickly). I'm slow at producing art. I've been working on one picture for months (admittedly on and off) and it just blows my mind at how someone can do all of this detail for a concept! I mean these aren't actual art pieces but meant to guide those who are putting a film together! Anyways, check them out below:
This piece is by artist Till Nowak and is called "Steptown"
This piece is by artist Drew Leung. It is called "Shuri's Lab."
"Palace Throne Room" by Till Nowak. He did the first piece above as well.
Adi Granov, the comics artist, did this one for some warriors of Wakanda.
The film opens the week of Valentine's day. I guess that's Marvel's way of throwing some love our way.

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