It must be my month to be quoting from Steven Spielberg, seeing as I quoted him in a post just last week.
I never thought I'd be saying this, but I'm getting tired of The Walking Dead. I was so into it for years, and now I just am kind of tired of these characters clashing with each other and the whole "zombie" thing. It's more or less an apathy of sorts that's settled in. It's weird because I thought that my fervor for all things zombie was unquenchable. And here's the thing: my malaise is visible in Star Wars too.

I'm not really excited for Star Wars: Rebels to return with all new episodes to finish out its story arc of getting the rebellion started and to cap off the series. I'm not really excited for episode 9, and I'm not really excited for "Solo," which is going to tell the backstory of Han Solo. Hmm. I'm also wondering if other people feel that way about things that never end. So far, the Marvel stuff has remained immune to the malaise. I'm super-excited for Avenger's: Infinity War and for The Black Panther.

But there's the argument that Star Wars is fundamentally different too. I mean, Star Wars is nothing without the "war" part...and maybe that's why it fails in my head. A war has a beginning and an ending and George Lucas told that story. These new films just destroyed the happy ending that we got in Return of the Jedi so that there could be more war. Presumably, it'd have to be a never-ending war or there's no more movies that could be made, right? Does anyone actually want to sit through movie after movie of a never-ending war? How fun is that? And what if Disney doesn't go in that direction? What if the war ends? Then what kinds of stories could you actually tell that are entertaining in the Star Wars universe without some kind of "big bad?" If there was such a story, why didn't they start telling it at the end of Return of the Jedi instead of creating the hot mess that is The Force Awakens?

It makes me wonder if stories that never end (are open-ended so that there can always be more story) are really made to last. If I'm at all a "canary in the coal mine" example of a person's tolerance, I'd say that in general, the answer is no. I'd say people appreciate endings, but then, I'd most likely be wrong. For example, have any of you heard of the Dr. Who, South Park, the Simpsons, and Supernatural on the CW? These four series are examples of one that seem to have no end to them, and they are immensely popular. So maybe there's something wrong with me in that I have some kind of upper threshold for consuming the same old stuff over and over again.

I don't know why I'm feeling this way about my staple of "junk food-esque" entertainment, but I am. Maybe, it's just the winter blues. Who knows?

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