How sleep deprivation affects work and performance? [Infographic]
Hult International Business School.

Our 24/7, ‘always on’, global business culture appears to be contributing to a sleep-deprived workforce. Lack of sleep is hindering managers’ ability to perform at their peak and having a negative impact on workplace relationships, according to research from Hult International Business School.

It is a ‘hidden threat’ that organizations need to pay attention to if they want to ensure the well-being of their staff while also gaining competitive edge.

The effects of a sleep-deprived workforce can be serious. The Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown, the Chernobyl nuclear explosion, the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the Challenger space shuttle disaster were all the result of human error caused by sleepiness.

At Hult International Business School we monitored the sleep behavior among individuals in organizations of different size and sectors. The research findings are outlined in a new report ‘The business of sleep: The wake-up call for organizations’. Based on a survey of over 1,000 professionals at all levels, the research explores the impact of sleep on managers’ ability to perform effectively at work as well as its effect on their physical health and social and emotional life.

See what impact the lack of sleep might have on you and your organization in the infographic below.

How sleep deprivation affects work

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