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10 Most Popular Tech Stories from April
By Jaymi Heimbuch,
Treehugger, 30 April 2013.

This month we saw dragonfly drones, wind energy created by water droplets, giant squids, and solar-powered seed-sowing machines among other amazing stories. Check below and catch up on the coolest news from the past month.

1. New dragonfly drone can be controlled with a smartphone

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The BionicOpter floats and flutters like the real thing.

2. 10 cool NASA projects for studying the environment

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From unmanned drones to sensor-packed satellites, NASA has the best tools for studying Mother Nature.

3. Wind energy generator produces electricity from water droplets

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The generator is called the Electrostatic WInd-energy CONvertor (EWICON) and the prototype looks like it could pass for a piece of public art, with the inner mesh resembling the webbing of a giant tennis racket. The EWICON wind energy generator has no moving parts and is completely silent.

4. Breakthrough lithium-ion battery can recharge 1,000x faster than current tech

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Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created a new lithium-ion battery that has pretty incredible power characteristics, at least in the lab.

5. How the giant squid was finally caught on camera

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Edith Widder, the scientific mind behind the strategy for finding and filming a giant squid for the first time ever, tells us just how it was accomplished in this fascinating TED talk.

6. 10 ways 3D printers are advancing science

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From fish tags and lab supplies to stem cells and lunar bases, the technology is helping scientists do great things.

7. Solar-powered seed sowing machines spread flowers when air pollution rises

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The structures would be equipped with sensors that detect when air pollution increases and react by releasing flower seeds as a way to call attention to the problem in a beautiful way.

8. Make an iPhone amplifier out of an old Victrola

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You can use an old Victrola to project the sound from your iPhone with just a couple of materials and a few easy steps.

9. Happy Earth Day! Don't Recycle.

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April also means Earth Day. This year we reflected on a simple fact: When it comes to electronics, recycling should be the final resort.

10. Enter your Do-It-Yourself design in the Instructables Green Design Contest!

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Instructables is celebrating Earth Day by holding a contest for the best design that keeps the environment in mind. Will your design be the winner?

[Source: Treehugger. Edited.]

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