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My previous posts had shown infographics which dealt with the negative effects of social media - the sickness called addiction and the monster that disrupts your work life. Now the following infographic takes a step further and brings us to another world - the neither-dead-nor-alive zombie world (not literally of course). Check out the infographic and see whether the social media has turned you or those around you into one or more of the eight types of "zombies"!

The social media zombie apocalypse
By, 25 Oct, 2012.

The zombie apocalypse is already upon us. Social media has turned many of us into drones. We've checked out of the real world to obsessively, compulsively, and often unwittingly check our various accounts. Have you seen one of these social media zombies walking among us?

Social media zombie infographic
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[Source: via Mashable. Edited.]

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