The World’s Most Bizarre Restaurants
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Ever want to eat sushi from a body? Or maybe dine while dangling 150 feet in the air? Or dine submerged in the Red Sea or in a tree house? Well, you can if you go to some of these absolutely bizarre restaurants:

1. Nyotaimori, Japan

Nyotaimori is a Japanese restaurant that serves sushi and sashimi on the naked body of a woman. The name literally means the “female body plate,” hence the bizarre practice inside this establishment.

Employees serve the food on a body made of food and place that on an operating table for the diners’ delight. Patrons can cut open the body - which will begin to bleed. But fear not, everything within her is completely edible.

2. Marton Theme Restaurant, Taiwan

The famous “toilet restaurant” in Taiwan serves people - you guessed it - out of a toilet bowl.

Located in Kaohsiung, the dining establishment is covered in bathroom décor: toilet seats serve as chairs, toilet seat shaped plates and bowls house the meals, bathtubs become tables, and so on. Some of the food is even in the shape of poo, though judging by its popularity we doubt it tastes like it.

3. Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

Revellers in Belgium can enjoy dinner in Brussels while dangling 150 feet in the air. Taking 22 diners at a time, the specially designed tables and chairs are crane-lifted into the air, where you can enjoy the scenery while attempting to not drop your fork.

4. D.S. Music Restaurant, Taiwan

Located in Taipei, the D.S. Music Restaurant’s name is rather misleading. Instead of music you can expect syringes, medicine and IV drips hanging from the ceiling of this hospital-themed dining establishment.

Once inside the restaurant, diners order ‘medicine’ from a menu, which is served from a drip at the table and the drinks are served from IV-like contraptions. Dresses like nurses, the wait staff asks trivia questions, and if you get them right you’re rewarded they squirt a tasty drink in your mouth with a syringe. It only gets stranger from there. Once you’re done eating, a female staff member in a deranged ballerina costume dances on your table.

5. Vampire Café, Tokyo

Ginza, Tokyo houses the Gothic paradise of Vampire Café. Staying true to its name, the café is decorated with bloody references like red velvet walls, red blood-celled floors, red thrones for seating and red aperitif garnished with tiny skulls for drinking.

Coffins are scattered along the premise with flickering candles sitting on top while Baroque music emanates throughout the dining establishment, thus completing the ambiance. Thankfully Dracula’s food isn’t on the menu, which can best be described as a mix of Italian, French and Japanese cuisine.

6. Mars 2112, USA

New York City’s Mars 2112 is where the aliens phone home.

Themed like the Martian planet, the family-friendly restaurant boasts a Mars Today magazine, Mars TV, and a centrepiece of a three-story crystal tree to complete the restaurant’s intergalactic transformation.

[Note: No information available. This restaurant went out of business.]

7. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, Kenya

As the name suggests, Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant in Mombasa, Kenya, is located within a naturally formed coral cave dating between 120,000 and 180,000 years old.

The restaurant comprises a series of interlinking chambers below the ground and its roof opens itself to the sky.

8. The Haunted House Restaurant, USA

Located in Oklahoma City, the Haunted House Restaurant derives its name from a murder, death and suicide that occurred on the premise.

A retired car dealer was shot there in 1963, followed by his ex-wife’s death and his stepdaughter’s suicide (after being acquitted of his murder). Eventually, the building turned into a restaurant and some speculate that the house still hosts the ghosts of the deceased, who are sometimes heard whispering.

9. Tree House Restaurant, Costa Rica

Aptly named, the Tree House Restaurant is located amidst the branches of a giant tree in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica.

And the roof? No shingles - just a beautiful tropical canopy.

10. El Diablo Restaurant, Canary Islands

The El Diablo Restaurant in the Canary Islands offers diners meals cooked in a unique kitchen: a volcanic hole in the ground.

Built by architects Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto, the kitchen is made from nine layers of basalt rocks with a giant grill is laid across the opening of the volcano that rests six feet below. The underlying lava - or, as the El Diablo chefs call it, the cooking temperature - is 400 degrees Celsius.

11. Red Sea Star Restaurant, Bar and Observatory, Red Sea

Submerged below the Red Sea, the Red Sea Star Restaurant, Bar and Observatory is the first underwater restaurant in the world.

The lucky patrons of this bar may immerse themselves with incredible views of colourful coral gardens and marine creatures outside.

Top image: Vampire Café (left) and Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant (right). Photos from original source.

[Source: All That Is Interesting - Part 1, Part 2. Edited. Information links added.]

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