Here is my list of the awesome things I saw in Brave:

1) Merida's flaming red hair. You just have to see it.
2) At last, a female protagonist in the Pixar line of movies. I guess "Elastigirl" kinda/sorta counts, but Merida is better.
3) I saw animated haggis!
4) I saw a witch who used a cauldron as an answering machine!
5) The queen's hair with the two pony tails looked really cool.
6) And the lesson that the most important thing between a parent and a child may be communication. In other words, both sides need to really just stop and listen and then comprehend.
7) Bagpipes. I love bagpipes. More please.
8) Pixar animation. It gives me goosepimples.
Cutest baby bears ever!
"A Lady does not leave her WEAPONS on the table!" Remember that ladies!
Have a great Monday!

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