Moses Lanham plans on stepping into the record books in a rather extraordinary fashion. 'Known as backwards feet man' and 'Mr. elastic', the Michigan based 49-year-old can turn his feet 120 degrees behind him, a feat he hopes will yield him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

He also plans on setting a record for the fastest man to walk 20 meters with his feet turned backwards.

Despite the intimidating task ahead, Mr. Lanham can however stay quietly confident - both records have never been attempted before. Mr. Lanham said: 'I know I can put my toes together in back, but for the record, I'll do a full 120 degrees.'

Despite the visually agonizing appearance, Mr. Lanham says his flexible feet cause him no pain; in fact he fairly enjoys the back-to-front feeling. 'A lot of times when I'm sitting down I'll put my feet in a twisted position because it's more comfortable for me,' he said.

Mr. Lanham discovered his strange quirk at 14 after a high school gym class accident. Sadly, Mr. Lanham's 17-year-old son Trey has only moderately inherited his father's funny feet.

Doctors who have examined Mr. Lanham say he was born with additional tissue and cartilage in his joints, making his hips, knees and ankles especially elastic.

There are no records of anyone else in the family, apart from Trey, having the order.

His strange talent has also gained him national notoriety after he appeared on 'Candid Camera', 'Ripley's Believe It or Not!', 'America's Funniest Home Videos', 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and the Discovery Channel's 'Medical Incredible'.

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