Iran has announced plans to start working on what will be the tallest concrete dam in the world in the forthcoming Iranian calendar year -beginning March 21.

“The construction of the 315-meter-tall Bakhtiari dam, which is the conceit of the nation, will begin next year by a joint Iranian-Chinese company,” IRNA quoted the managing director of the Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company (IWPCO) Mohammad-Reza Rezazadeh as saying.

The double arch Bakhtiari dam will have an ability of 4.8 billion cubic meters which is the largest in the country after the Karkheh dam.

Rezazadeh said a 1,500 megawatt reactor would be constructed at the site of the dam to produce electricity.

He said the project is in cooperation with China's Sino Hydro construction company and added that overall 70 percent of the project's work would be approved out by Iranian contractors.

The project requires upward of USD 2 billion in venture of which 85 percent will be provided by the Chinese partner.

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