The "average" Sydneysider

A photographer named Mike acutely has compiled photos of people from cities around the world in an attempt to determine what the average human face looks like.

The South African has travelled the globe for his Face of Tomorrow project, roping in locals from Sydney to London to take pictures.

Mike creates his final "average" face by photographing the first 100 people who concur to sit for his project in each city. He then takes the last images and combines them digitally to make a new face.

Some of the Sydney faces that made up the final average image.

In Sydney, Mike snapped people from Bondi and Sydney University, meaning the concluding "Sydney face" is not completely representative of Sydney's melting pot.

Mike said while Sydney had one of the most multicultural populations in the world, with 35 percent of populace born outside Australia, he did not end up photographing a very varied mix of ethnicities when he went to Bondi.

Of all the cities Mike, 46, has captured so far, Sydney's average man and woman stand out as a little bit more good-looking. We therefore must conclude that his method is completely accurate.

So far his profiles cities counting Sydney, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, London, Cologne, Beunos Aires, Santiago, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro and Florence.

Some of the "average" faces from around the world

He is calling for people to include their city to the project by sending him photos of 100 different people and has individuals working independently on the project in Japan, Germany, Holland and Colombia.

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